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  Adopt-an-Aunty Circle  

We hope to provide some extra help to Mamas attending with small babes in the shape of the Adopt-an-Aunty Circle. 


The Adopt-an-Aunty Circle is a group of women on-site who are happy to volunteer their arms to a Mama for assistance throughout the weekend, in sessions, during set up or pack down, at meal times or any other time a mama simply requires another set of arms. 


Adopt-an-Aunty work is provided in public places where other people are nearby, unless otherwise specified by the mama. 

This is not meant to be a replacement for care, it's simply an organised system to help take the burden from Mamas in busy moments. For example, an Aunty may be called upon when a Mama is serving herself breakfast, or when she needs to take a moment to pee! 


All adopt-an-Aunty women will wear a pin to identify as part of the Circle when they’re wandering the Conference. 

Aunties are volunteers, and do not receive a discount on registration. You will however receive a pin to take home that shows you have been an Adopt-an-Aunty at Wise Women Gathering!
Women in the Adopt-an-Aunty Circle must have a valid Working With Children’s Check
Application Process

Any questions about Adopt-an-Aunty may be directed to 

Apply to be part of the Circle by filling out the form. All Aunties must have a valid Working With Children Check. You can apply for free for a Volunteer's WWCC# from your State regulator. It usually takes 2-10 days to receive your number. If you haven't got a number yet, please wait until you've received it from your State before submitting this form. 

You will be notified in March if you've been accepted in the Circle.

When you check-in you will be provided with your Pin, identifying you as an Adopt-an-Aunty throughout the Conference. 


Adopt-an-Aunty Agreements

1. My submission form does not guarantee a position in the Aunty Circle. Management will make contact in March to confirm my position. 

2. I am physically, mentally and emotionally able to participate in assisting Mamas with their babes and toddlers. 

3. I agree to help Mamas with children only in public spaces, unless otherwise requested by the Mama. I will not take children into tents, toilets or cabins, nor will I take them out of sight of other attendees without the express permission of the Mama. I understand I have the right to refuse to enter private spaces with Mamas or children at any time.

4. I agree to offer my assistance freely, and understand Mamas are not obligated to receive this assistance. I won't take it personally if a Mama declines my offer of help. 

5. I understand I'm not assigned to any one Mama, and that I may be called upon in any moment when wandering the Conference, when wearing my Aunty Pin. Aunty-ing could occur in sessions, ceremonies, dining times, breaks and in between. 


6. If at anytime I need a break from Aunty-ing, I will simply remove my Aunty Pin, and if approached by a Mama who I've provided service to before, let her know I'm taking a break. If I can see another Aunty nearby I will point her out for the mama. 

7. If I break any of these agreements, I understand that management have the right to revoke my Circle status, and may even ask me to leave the Conference. 

8. I'm looking forward to assisting awesome mamas and helping nourish our community! 

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