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What to Expect


An opportunity for us to sit, as men, and in the company of men, to be seen, heard and felt in an ongoing discussion about what it is to be a man today. This space is ours to create whatever we feel most appropriate, outside of any judgement.


This annual event provides a bullshit free space for Men to answer their call to betterment, to align with their purpose and step into who they know they can be.

You can expect a small and solid group of real men, of various ages, who are seeking to explore the stress of everyday life, but don't always know what to do about it. We gather together because we know the power in having other men to turn to, to talk about the shit things, and share knowledge with equals who are also on the path to becoming better versions of Self.

Spend a weekend exploring topics that hit home for every man - mateship, finances, relationships, substances, nutrition and health, sports and exercise, women and our roles as partners, brothers and friends, nature and the environment, knowledge and things we don't know...


We don't follow a preset itinerary, instead leaving space for expression, whether that be through talking, movement, musical jams or something else that comes up. We promise to deliver an accepting space that will hold, support and nourish your potential, whether you've seen hard times in the past, or you're there right now. Whatever comes up we're committed to being inclusive of everyone's needs. 

We welcome fathers or carers to bring along sons (aged 11 and up) to witness and be a part of this unique and epic event.


The event is fully catered. 

This event runs on the weekend following the Wise Women Gathering, located nearby, and is therefore a separate event. 


optional to come Thursday

4pm-8pm ( no meals offered )


9am-12pm Arrival + Check-in


4pm Closing Ceremony


Departure no later than 5pm.

A call to the men... to connect and accept one another’s presence.. to be heard and understood as men… to be seen and to see one another’s vulnerability, our strength, our efforts and our confusions… to discuss what it is to be an authentic man in today’s world including the hard stuff, the shit times and the dark places we may have been...

Connect and meet together to examine and explore the difficulties of modern life as a man... share knowledge as equals... every man brings wisdom to the circle... every man is a representative of life's lessons... together we grow


We support Men who have experienced hardship throughout their life, as well as Men looking to create a better culture for masculinity in the modern world.


Whatever you've been with or seen, including, but not excluded to struggling with a relationship breakdown, death and loss of a loved one, underlying anger issues or burnt out from overworking and stress, WMG brings Men home to themselves and a supportive community of brothers.

The Men who attend WMG range from high achievers who are looking for something more substantial, to the average Man who wants to feel like life needs to be worth more than the constant, daily grind.

Join us for a weekend of viewing, witnessing, and discussing the elements of modern masculinity, in an accepting space that will hold, support and nourish your potential, whether you've seen hard times in the past, or you're there right now.


What's On


Fully supported by Real Men 

Facilitated by men from different places, spaces and experiences of life, who are not interested in being leaders or gurus, they're simply fellas who have been through their own shit times and are willing to accept you in yours. 


Stuart Gadenne 

age 39 

Interests : 

Hunting, Personal Security and Safety, Human Potential, Sustainable Living  

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 10.16.40 am_ed

James (Bolj) Boljkovac

age 49 

Interests :

Family, Mental Health, Sustainability, Martial Arts, Bass Guitar, Building a life worth living 


Nick Alias

age 58 

Interests :  

Music, Sustainability of Natural and Social Systems, Connection to Earth

"I'm constantly reflecting on questions such as 'What is a 'Man?', and 'How/Where does this idea fit into our modern world?'. It was this basic question that lead me down a path of self reflection, research, and conversation around the topic. It has since become an obsession, a passion for me to discover and reclaim the masculinity that is lost to most of us today." ~ Stuart Gadenne

"There has been a disconnect in our modern society between males and masculinity for generations now. It is the role of every male to search for, and endeavor to embody, that which is truly masculine, that which is Man."

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