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Practitioners are invited to apply to work in the co-creative Healing Space at WWG. All Healing Space workers must provide their own Professional Indemnity Insurance - no exceptions. 

Healing Space workers include massage, reiki and all body workers. We do not offer Counselling, Coaching or Mentoring in the Healer's Area.

Healing Space Workers purchase a discounted ticket to attend the Conference, and offer their services for a selected amount. Hour long sessions are charged to attendees at $120 (WWG takes $20 p/session).


Bodyworkers must bring your own massage table, towels, oil etc.  A shared tent, waiting area and booking services are supplied. 

Complete the form by April 15th to confirm your booth and secure payment.

Healer Agreements

By filling out this form you are agreeing to the above terms and the following :::

Arrive on Thursday between 3-5pm for a meeting with other Healing Space practitioners.

WWG provides a vollie for taking bookings at the Healing Space. Healing Space will open at 9am on Friday.  

Healer Departure

Set-down begins on Sunday at 4pm.
We expect that healing practitioners will complete the breakdown by 6pm.  
Vehicles will be allowed back onto Camp to pack up after 4pm on Sunday, there will be no exceptions.
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