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WWG's Healing Space is a co-creative luxury centre where healers and health workers share their talents to nourish you.

Come to The Empress Tent for some deep relaxation and nurturing with 4 body workers. Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Shiatsu, Mayan Womb Therapy and more...

Or book-in to The Bella Tent for card readings, sound bowl therapy, laughter meditation, yoni steam consultation and counselling.

The Healing Space 

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Jo Dormer 

The Art of Relaxation ~ Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 

The benefit of deep relaxation is the key to unwinding tension held in the body. The wisdom of the Hawaiians reigns supreme in The Art of Deep Relaxation.


Lomi lomi is such a beautiful flowing massage, potentially every muscle in your body is kneaded, softened and rolled over many times throughout a treatment. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Movements and gentle stretches of limbs are also a part of the flowing technique of a Lomi lomi treatment, assisting in more fluidity and flexibility in the body. Also bringing awareness to the recipient where tension is held and offering an opportunity to let go some more.


This artful body therapy takes you away from the busy mind….encouraging you to drift off and simply…. let go.


Jo, has been practicing Lomi lomi since 2004. She is currently working for Integrated Living. An organization providing physical fitness, yoga and massage for the elderly.

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Tracey Keogh 

Better Loosen Up Muscle Therapy

To Tracey, massage is an avenue to connect, through touch, deeply with others. After achieving a Diploma in Remedial massage in 2004, she continued study in Aromatherapy, Thai, Aromatouch, Trigger Point, Reiki 1&2, Tibetan Master Symbols, Chakradance, Oncology and Sound Healing. Her other interests; photography, music and dance, help Tracey to connect and ground to self outside of work, reminding her of the importance of nurturing all senses in maintaining being-WELL.


At WWG, Tracey will be offering :

  • Relaxation Massage...Slip into another world with the gentle massage that stimulates the bodies feel good hormones to reduce stress and increase blood flow throughout the body.

  • Remedial Massage...Tight and sore? This firmer massage helps to detoxify the body and reduce pain. It helps return flexibility and tone to the muscles.

  • Sound Bath Massage...Immerse your body in a delightful dance through the sounds of chimes, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and drums. Your body will thank you.

  • Laughter Workshop...Join us in the Bella Tent to reconnect with the importance of laughter in everyday life. You will leave feeling fabulous and supporting a smile. 

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Daniella Ruru

Daniella’s passion for women’s health began with the birth of her daughter 11 years ago. As a remedial massage therapist Daniella was inspired to specialise in Pregnancy, Postnatal and Infant Massage. Daniella is tuned to both Reiki and Theta Healing, a certified Life Coach with a special interest in the journey of pregnancy and the birth of the mother. The intuitive use of oracle cards and channelled guidance is woven into her offerings. Having recently trained as a Post-Natal Doula and Birth Story Listener, she moves forever forward with her learning, driven by her desire to offer a deeply supportive service.

“A way of life that has been so very lost, the natural way, nature’s way. As it once was, may it be again. Women holding sacred space, for Women, to be Women.” 

At WWG, Daniella will be offering : 

  • Relaxation and Remedial Massage

  • Oracle Card Readings and Intuitive Guidance

  • Energy Healing Sessions

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Catherine Ishwari Shead 

Womb Awakening 

Catherine Ishwari Shead lives in the Blue Mountains and is a teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft and Womb Awakening. Her passion is for the Awakening of the Divine Feminine within and for woman to remember the ecstasy of being that is her birthright.

At WWG, Catherine will be offering 

  • Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy - a womb and abdominal massage

Catherine Ishwari is also presenting a Workshop as a 2019 Educator :

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Sam Nugent 

Clinical and Holistic Therapist Sam Nugent comes from a 17-year career as a clinician, rehabilitation counsellor, psychologist, academic and tertiary lecturer in rehabilitation and mental health. She now combines this expertise with her lifelong passion and studies in ancient and spiritual wisdoms, women’s issues, and complementary therapies. Sam is a known expert in both women's and gender identity issues, with a special interest in parental status, and the journeys of women without children, by choice or chance. Sam's mission is to help people love their life, by loving who they are and loving what they do. Her current practice is a harmony of science and soul, bringing together the best of evidence-based techniques, with complimentary therapies, spiritual and ancient wisdoms.


At WWG, Sam will be offering : 

  • Introspective Journeys : Got one issue you're trying to get to the bottom of to start moving forward? Need a starting place but stuck in your head? The Introspective journey is a quick path to find some insights fast! Like a lock picking kit for your mind, this hybrid session is tailored to your needs and accesses both the conscious and subconscious mind, to home in on a single, sticky issue.

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Helen Zee

“I am here to create a ripple effect – and reverse the hardships women face with fertility, sexuality and connecting with optimal health in our modern day.”

Every month we are given insights into what is happening in our body. But no one told us so. Our foremothers and teachers lost the knowledge. They lost the ability to whisper from ear to ear, womb to womb the feminine teachings.

When I meet with you, I bring you both ancient teachings and modern day knowledge, so you get to connect with yourself from the inside out. 

With Fertility, Nutrition, Yoga, Fitness and Relationship qualifications and private practice experience, I offer you teachings, practices and tools to invite you into your sacred temple – your womb, your body.

I am also an Author, and Speaker with a Bachelor of Biological Sciences, and relish to share with women and men a vast toolkit of goodies and knowledge.


At WWG, Helen will be offering : 

  • Yoni (vaginal) steam consults and herbal support for purchase (no steaming at the session, but a protocol will be given to you with guidance to do it at home.

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