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Kids Camp

Our kids day camp offers children the opportunity to attend the WWG while spending time in nature through age- appropriate activities. Guardians will be able to attend workshop sessions kid-free and know that their children are enjoying an herbal-inspired camp tailored to their age group. Each day the kids camp will accept children starting 15 minutes prior to the first workshop. Guardians will reunite with their children no later than 15 after the last workshop. Guardians are responsible for their children when the kids camp is not in session.

There are limited spaces available, so register early to guarantee a spot for your child(ren). All children 3+ need to be registered in order to attend the WWG, whether or not they attend the kids camp. While at the conference, all children must be with their guardian at all times, except for kids camp times. Children are welcome to attend workshops and evening activities as long as they are accompanied by their guardian and able to be quiet and respectful of the presenters.

Our kids day camp is for children ages 3 – 11 (boys and girls are welcome to participate) and activities will be planned according to ages.

Our teen day camp is for girls ages 12-15, activities will be planned according to age and interest.


The camps will include plant walks, crafts, story time, herbal medicine making, games, songs and more.


Camps begin on Friday morning and run through noon on Sunday, during adult workshop sessions. An open house will be available on Friday morning so that parents and kids can meet the facilitators.

Boys and Girls 3-6 years with Aswini

The 3 to 6 year old Kid’s Camp is inspired by all things nature; and nature shall play with us in many ways.

Our days will unfold organically with lots of Nature craft, games, music and free play. Free play is a beautiful way in which we can allow children to explore and nourish their senses and imagination. Using seeds, stones, shells, crystals, wood, water, dirt and anything else we discover, many worlds will be created for both little people and fairies alike.

Children are free to draw with Beeswax crayons at any time, and there is always a cosy space to rest and listen to a story.


Boys and Girls 7-11 years with Belinda

We have planned activities that will engage every sense of our young explorers, naturalists and herbcrafters. We will be having fun herbal medicine and food making, enjoying new favourite games and activities together, learning about the plants, animals and landscape around us in all sorts of creative ways.

Our Educators are looking forward to connecting to the beautiful natural surroundings, getting out into the bush for wanders, treasure hunts, learning with the plants growing around us and looking for signs of other animal inhabitants of the camp. We will also spend time together making potions and using our hands to craft useful things.


Our Educators have Working with Children Checks and First Aid quals. 


Girls 12-15 with Akua

Young women are invited to the Maiden's Circle...

Kids Camp Facilitators

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I'm a passionate childcare worker with years of experience in private settings & childcare centres. I believe the early years in our life are the most vital years where we are forming our sense of self and how we relate to the world. I've always had a love for playing with our young ones, creating a safe environment for their emotions & helping nurture their unique creativity. I can't think of a better place to do that then at WWG where we will be surrounded by nature, our greatest teacher and definitely my biggest inspiration for everything. Aside from childcare, I'm usually either outdoors bushwalking, in the garden tending to my plants, or crafting away (lately it's been crocheting that occupies my time)! I can't wait to meet you all and weave some magic within this wonderful community.


Kids Camp Registration

All children must be registered to attend the conference.

Children age 3+ must be enrolled in a Kids Camp or Maidens Circle.

Meals and snacks are included with your child's registration. Kids Camp Facilitators will contact you via email a few weeks before the conference. Registration closes for children the first week of May or when spots are full.

We look forward to gathering with you and your little one.

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