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Maidens Circle

Maidens 12-15 years with Akua Gutierrez

Young women ages 12-15 are invited to follow a path of learning, woven through this remarkable gathering designed just for them. The young women will have a unique opportunity to attend classes together, share ideas, and ask questions.


In passing on the folk medicine traditions we give our daughters its gifts of health, joy, strength, and self-reliance which are the birthright of every woman. The teen camp is designed to give our Maidens a range of skills in self-care and living in rhythm with nature. We will explore what health, wellness and self-care means to us, and play with different ways we can incorporate a natural lifestyle to increase our own health and vitality.


Our camp sessions are designed to allow for reflection and group sharing, so that the Maidens have an opportunity to develop relationships with one another, creating our own community that will last much longer than this weekend.


I am Akua, a mother of two divine boys, wife of a beautiful man and part of a soulful community in the Blue Mountains, NSW. I share my time between my doula work, my breathwork practice, and facilitating ceremonial rites of passages and women circles. I am currently apprenticing with the School of Shamanic Womancraft.


For the past 7 years I have been deepening my connection to self, others, and nature aided by ceremony as a tool for healing, celebration, and magic. 


In my work with girls and teens I celebrate and honour the slow becoming from childhood to maidenhood. Together in circle we explore and deepen our connection to Mother Earth and her infinite wisdom. We sit and share in sisterhood, learning to create sacred space to bring ceremony to our life.


I look forward to sitting in circle with the maidens as they find joy in embracing ourselves and each other. Young women may have the opportunity to move between workshops and camp sessions. The Maiden’s camp will provide a safe space to share and learn from each other as well as exploring the ways we can live in rhythm with nature's cycles.

Maiden's Circle Registration

All maidens 12-15 must be registered to attend the conference. Meals and snacks are included with your child's registration. Akua will contact you via email a few weeks before the conference. Registration ends the first week of May or when spots are full. We look forward to gathering with you and your child.

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