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Wise Men Gathering


For real men who are facing the stress of everyday life, but don't always know what to do about it


You're not alone.


A Call to the men... to gather... connect and accept one another’s presence.. to be heard and understood as men… to be seen and to see one another’s vulnerability, our strength, our efforts and our confusions… to discuss what it is to be an authentic man in today’s world including the hard stuff, the shit times and the dark places we may have been...

Men meeting together to examine and explore the difficulties of modern life as a man... share knowledge as equals... every man brings wisdom to the circle... every man is a representative of life's lessons... together we grow

The frontiers now lie within ourselves, in our ability and capacity to bravely and honestly explore who we are, without macho ideals, and to discover the man you strive to be...

Join us for a weekend of viewing, witnessing, and discussing the elements of modern masculinity, in an accepting space that will hold, support and nourish your potential, whether you've seen hard times in the past, or you're there right now.

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