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In response to the Covid situation in the Sydney area we require your temperature check before entering the Conference.


Although our attendees have differing values and beliefs regarding health, we ask you to extend understanding through this complicated time and accept the temperature check as a matter of good faith.

The organisers have a liability to every attendee to provide a safe space that is free of concern about illness and government intervention. With almost 200 people on site we are committed to the temperature check as an active indication that we are responding to government concerns in a less invasive manner.

We hope you understand that asking for a temperature check neither supports or opposes the government line on Public health, and that you will keep your own points of view safely held within the context of your social circle.


Honestly, our concerns are not that you are ill (because we know you are all responsible humans who care about your health). Concerns are strongly based on previous national cases (with other communicable diseases) where groups have been made a target of a system that we are already existing outside of. Just imagine if someone is found to be carrying Covid on site, and it gets to the media that a camp full of herbal nuts refused to get temperature checks, spread the virus and went home to share it with the rest of NSW.

Regardless of what you believe about viruses, pandemics and temperatures, we hope you understand that asking for a temperature check is a method of protection against liability and irrational press reporting. While WWG is seen to be conforming with the dominant paradigm’s requests for healthy communities, we ensure that our Conference and its content are safe from issues of attack.

If at this point you still refuse to have your temperature checked, please wait here while the team calls a manager.


What is an acceptable temperature?

Anything under and equivalent to 37.4


What will happen if my temperature is above 37.4?

You will be asked to put on a mask and go to the closest Covid testing station. WWG will provide a full refund for your registration and any upgrades you’ve purchased.

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