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The Gift of Growth

We believe in supporting women through empowerment. This is why we go to great lengths to gather important educators from around the country. The gathering is not just about women coming together to learn how they can enhance their lives through the wise women traditions, it's about re-building our communities. These communities are a foundation to the great change we all desire to see in the world. One of resiliency, abundance and health.

Some women will not have the means to attend the conference. We hope to help as many sisters as we can to join us. Please consider donating to the Wise Women Gathering Scholarship Fund. This fund is exclusively for marginalised women who desire an education in Wise Women Traditions.

Scholarships are prioritised for those with financial needs that fit these criteria:

   Women of Culturally and Linguistic Diverse Groups
   Indigenous women

    Women with a DFV story 

    Women who have recently lost a child
   Women with physical limitations who are unable to volunteer
   Young women under 18
   Elders over 65

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill-out the form below.

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