Keynote Speakers

We showcase Australian Women working with Herbal Wisdom, Holistic Health, Women's Mystery and Community. 

Lisa Parkes


Keynote Speaker

Lisa is a health and wellness professional working in the field for over 20 years. Her number one value in life is health with her purpose being to help inspire and educate others to value their own health, wellness and life as much as she values her own. Having studied exercise physiology, nutrition and human behaviour / psychology she works on the physical emotional and spiritual body aiming to create balance and the best version of oneself.

Lisa is an Australian ninja warrior, mum of three boys and entrepreneurial business woman. Lisa owns and operates two businesses and is building a personal brand, as well as the CEO and director of a charity organisation that funds projects annually around the world. 

Lisa will leave you inspired and motivated to look deeply at all aspects of your life and the importance of health and wellness. 

Lisa will present a Preconference Workshop, a Keynote Speech and 2 Workshops at Wise Women Gathering 2021.

Jacqui Bushell


Keynote Speaker

Jacqui Bushell has been loving the wild abundance of the earth for much of her life. She is an inspiring teacher, transformational healing practitioner, writer and plant spirit alchemist. Through reconnecting with the earth, spirit and the sacred in all life, Jacqui invites women to remember and embody their innate power and wisdom. A senior lecturer and consultant, she has taught herbal medicine, manufacturing and wildcrafting, essences and Reiki in many colleges and privately for over 20 years, as well as working in many women’s health and community centres as a naturopath and workshop facilitator.  


Jacqui is the founder of the Sacred Presence range of Essences and the Magdalene Oils of Anointing. She facilitates women’s circles, workshops and retreats connecting with the sacred feminine and the earth, as well as co-facilitating retreats in the Outback and France. Through her teaching, storytelling and speaking, Jacqui empowers others in the wise woman way to share knowledge, stories, healing and developing a deep sense of belonging with the land.  

Jacqui will present a Preconference Workshop, a Keynote Speech and 2 Workshops at Wise Women Gathering 2021.


Special Guest Performer 



Guest Performer

Laura-Doe wrote and performed her first one-woman show, a feminist commentary entitled ‘The Dangers of Being a Princess’ at the age of 6. It took four decades for her second work, ‘Vaudeville of the Vulva’, to emerge.

Very much at home on home on any stage, she has a natural talent for acting and comedy. Whilst remaining passionately involved in amateur theatre, she applied her performance skills to a career in education, becoming a Senior Lecturer at North London University before moving to Australia to work as a corporate trainer for Apple Computer. During the ’90s she trained in Method Acting and Character Analysis with Penelope Chater (NIDA, Nimrod Theatre - who has offered invaluable directorial advice on her productions to date.

Also a singer/songwriter, Laura-Doe performed, wrote and recorded with women’s choir ‘The Voices of Gaia’. Her first solo recording ‘Do the Kegel’ was picked up for use by HBO in a TV show and a movie by American director Adam Fields.

‘Vaudeville of the Vulva’ combines her passions for entertainment, education and empowered female sexuality. It uses songs, puppets and comic characters to address potentially confronting topics in an accessible, non-threatening way.

Laura-Doe’s Vaudeville of the Vulva

Dripping with tongue-in-cheek humour, Laura-Doe’s canny characters and unusually vocal velvet vulvae will illuminate and entertain you on the fabulously fertile topic of female genitalia. For many people, women's genitals are difficult to name, and shrouded in mystery. Vaudeville of the Vulva is a series of light-hearted sketches that informs whilst entertaining, but its motivation is also serious, seeking to gently lift taboos, using comedy and song to release tension and create the freedom to speak about, understand and appreciate the amazing portal through which we are all designed to enter the world.

Taking the baton from Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, Vaudeville of the Vulva leads us, giggling and gasping, towards a deeper appreciation of this much-maligned body part. Not to be confused with Puppetry of the Penis, the show is funny, sexy and wise, yet involves no nudity. 

Expect juicy jokes and lusty singalongs. Liberate your libido and learn while you laugh!


See the Vaudeville of the Vulva in the auditorium on Friday and Saturday, 4pm 

2021 Educators


Ali is a Plant Woman, utilising the energies of plants, nature and spirit. She lives in the Hills District of Sydney on a "permaculture inspired garden, meets Wild Aussie Bush" property and enjoys being immersed in nature and nourishing her family. Ali has been in the field for over 20 years exploring the healing powers of touch, energy and plants. She runs regular workshops within the community, conduct private consultations in-person and via distance and various health related work offerings. Presently Ali's work and studies are taking her deeper into the plant world and traditional indigenous ceremonies.

Connect with Ali 

Plant Spirit Blessing

Come on a Sacred Journey of Connection to the nurturing Beauty of Water. Spiritual cleansing or energy clearing is used in traditional healing practices in various cultures, they have strong links to our ancestral health care practices. This may explain why these processes feel comforting, familiar or why we are deeply drawn to them. Spiritual cleansing can be achieved in a number of ways, one of which is with water and plants. Water is used for cleansing, purification and restoration and it deepens our connection to intuition. Together we will create a Plant Spirit Blessing, followed by a journey to the River to immerse ourselves in this most sacred element. 


Catherine Ishwari Shead lives in the Blue Mountains and is a teacher of the Women's Mysteries within the School of Shamanic Womancraft. Her passion is for the Awakening of the Divine Feminine within and for woman to remember the ecstasy of being that is her birthright.

Connect with Catherine

Menopause and Sexuality

Together in sacred ritual we will weave new pathways for our menopause, awakening our sexuality and becoming Sovereign woman. 


Heidi is a naturopath and medical herbalist with a passion for wild medicinal and nutritional plants. Heidi regularly runs courses on herbal medicine both online and in person. She has lectured in nutrition at RMIT University (VIC), from 2012 until 2017 she was a lecturer and clinical supervisor at Endeavour College of Natural Health (Brisbane). In 2018 she founded The Community Herb School and Apothecary to bring Earth based herbalism and nature re-connection to the general public. She is currently a guest lecturer in Nutrition at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She is the author of Wildcraft, the science and spirit of wild plants as food and medicine.

Connect with Heidi 

Wild Plants as Climate Activism 

We are facing a climate crisis. Find out how we as wise women and herbalist can use wild edible and nutritional plants to meet the climate crisis head on. There is no greater source of sustainable food and medicine than the weeds that grow around us. We will look at their potential as food and medicine and learn how we can integrate them into our lives and herbal medicine practices. Discover which plants we are currently using that we could be substituting for local ones. Learn how developing your own local and unique herbal dispensary can be a powerful way to meet the coming environmental challenges of our time.


Jacqui has worked in many women’s health centres as a naturopath, counsellor and workshop facilitator. She has taught Herbal Medicine, Reiki and Flower Essences at colleges and university for nearly 20 years. Jacqui is author of the award winning ‘A Loving Spoonful Cookbook’ and founder of the Sacred Presence range of Essences and Oils of Anointing. She regularly runs retreats in NSW, the Outback desert, USA and France, co-facilitating with inter-dimensional sound channel Jane Elworthy. Through her teaching, writing and retreats, Jacqui empowers others in the wise woman way to build community, share knowledge, stories and healing to embody our wild authentic potential and natural healing skills.​

Connect with Jacqui

Wild Elixirs : creating fresh medicines of potency 

Herbalism is a path of passion, love and deep sensory engagement with our earth. It also requires accountability, as where and how our herbs are grown and gathered has great impact not only on their medicinal effectiveness but also on the environment. Come along, to identify and connect shamanically with our local medicine plants and experience deep communion with their essential nature. Learn how to ethically wildcraft and listen to a plant’s innate wisdom. Create dynamic fresh plant tinctures with radiant life force and prescribed according to wholistic vitalist principles. In this workshop, you will create your own wild elixirs experiencing how to bring forth the vitality of the plant so it can shine in the heart, body and mind. 


The Essence of Transformation - Healing with the life force patterns in nature

Creating a vibrational remedy from flowers, gems or a landscape is a simple yet profoundly empowering and transformational spiritual practice. Essences touch you in a place beyond words and conscious knowing, profoundly resonating through your body and soul. Catalysts of change, they inspire shifts in behaviour, perceptions, attitudes and feelings. When you sit with a flower in a bowl of water, there is an opportunity to be uplifted by its unique expression into greater self-understanding, wisdom and love. When you deeply acknowledge a flower, you experience a unifying Oneness that enriches you and blesses the land. The essence water can be taken regularly to help anchor the flower’s invitation for insight and change. Flower Essences are gifts that blossom infinitely! In this workshop, learn what Essences are, how they work, balance and empower others, and how to make them yourself. Experience a guided meditation connecting with a flower’s pattern of consciousness and the devic realms.


Laura-Doe is an award-winning somatic sex educator, comedienne and singer/songwriter. She works internationally using humour, song and science to support people to connect with the wisdom and pleasure within their own bodies and to discover their unique erotic nature. In childhood she discovered some of the delicious natural pleasures that our bodies are capable of. Curious to learn more, as an adult, she sought out teachers of sexuality across many traditions and disciplines. She studied and trained with David Deida, Barbara Carellas, Joseph Kramer, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Margot Anand and others. Gaining professional qualifications in Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education and Counselling she is now a member of several professional associations: the SSEAA in Australasia, the ASCSB and the UK association ASIS. In 2008 Laura-Doe founded The yOniversity and has presented the workshops in her yOniversity curriculum in Australia, Bali, USA and the UK. In order to educate about sexual anatomy in people with vulvas, effectively and without embarrassment, she created The Vulvalicious Cushions, beautiful anatomically accurate fabric sculptures. These cushions are used in yOniversity workshops, in various sexology practitioner trainings and by educators and ‘vulvalationaries’ all over the world.

Connect with Laura Doe 

yOnilates® - Pelvic Floor Playshop

yOnilates® is a unique series of exercises designed, specifically for women, to awaken, isolate and tone the marvellous orchestra of muscles within our pelvis and to facilitate a deeper connection with our womb wisdom.  Using entertaining visual aids, catchy, specially composed music and simple breath and movement techniques you are supported to explore a felt sense of the many players in your pelvic team. The yOnilates® exercises have been derived from a wide variety of sources. These include yoga, taoist and other ancient traditional practices, Feldenkreis, modern physiotherapy, somatic sexology and other strands of scientific research on the pelvic floor. The playshop will provide you with an enhanced map of your pelvic anatomy and its importance to health and wellbeing. The exercises are simple and fun and are suitable for woman at any age or stage of life. We will finish with a guided meditation to connect with potency of your womb space. The playshop offers a glorious opportunity to make a profound connection with your womb space, the centre of your creative feminine nature.


Megan Garner is a plant-based Nutritionist, Naturopath and Herbalist, is an accredited member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia, and works as a practitioner, blogger, author, presenter and workshop facilitator. She is passionate about eating a whole foods plant-based diet and empowering others to do the same. Megan is raising her daughter on a plant-based diet and has written an eBook 'Babies and Toddlers Plant Based Nutrition' to show parents how they can have a thriving plant based kid too.

Connect with Megan

Nutrient boosting foods for kids 

Your childs nutrition during their early years is vital for their growth and development and will impact their lifelong health. Children are not just little adults, they have different nutritional needs to cope with the rapid growth and development that occurs particularly in the first three years of life. You might be wondering if your child is getting the essential vitamins and minerals and how to make sure they get what they need? The workshop will introduce you to nutrient boosters you can easily add to your everyday meals to boost your childs nutrition and demonstrate how to make a nutritious green smoothie, healthy pancakes, green fritters that your kids will love and immune boosting gummies.


Shona is passionate about people and the human body's inherent capacity for responding, adapting and changing. She has been teaching Feldenkrais for a couple of years and been a massage therapist since 2010. Shona practices from Glebe, Lane Cove and Alexandria, also working with Bangarra and Australian Ballet dancers when they're in town.

Shona is happiest when present and exploring ‘in my body’, and is delighted to have found a vocation were she gets to apply her love of organising/rearranging to people’s movement patterns. She is most interested in people connecting to themselves and identifying what’s important to them; feeling able to follow their deepest desires.

Connect with Shona 

Body Language : Learning to Listen 

Learning to listen to your body is what allows you to look after yourself. This Feldenkrais workshop is like a meditation in movement, developing your sensory perception of what’s going on internally in your system. It’s an exploration in how movement connects throughout your whole body, to discover details of what creates ease, flow and efficiency in how you move, feel and function – a guided investigation into your unique movement patterns/habits and preferences. We rest periodically throughout this kinaesthetic learning process to allow your nervous system the chance to process what we’ve been exploring. We’re interested in you discovering a new experience in you how you feel, finding a new possibility in movement and becoming more comfortable and compassionate with yourself. Our aim is to return your own agency for creating change in how you feel and function in the world – understanding that you can influence your experience by paying attention to, and experimenting with, the details of how you do something. Ultimately it’s about being able to decode the language of sensation to find the path of least resistance – the path of ease.


Brenda Rogers is a transformational naturopath, health coach and speaker. She’s a licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher and owner of Quintessence Women’s Health offering naturopathic services and coaching programs. Brenda qualified as a naturopath over 25 years ago and has worked for several corporates in the health industry including Blackmores. However, her passion has always been with spiritual development. To teach women naturopathic philosophy combined with practical spirituality such as the Art of Feminine Presence is now her life’s mission.

Connect with Brenda 

The Art of Feminine Presence

How can we be POWERFUL and FEMININE?
The Feminine Essence lives inside every woman. When a woman embodies her feminine essence she does not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and attention she wants. She becomes attractive, radiant, sensual, and grounded. Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want: personally and professionally. Feel more comfortable with your sensuality, and with receiving positive attention. Experience more passion in your life - particularly your love life. Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others. Learn to follow your "higher guidance" rather than always pushing to make things happen. Look and feel more confident and radiant when you walk into a room.​


Embodying Ayurveda is a passion Christina has loved and lived for over 25yrs. Today, and everyday this lifestyle is as familiar and necessary to Christina as putting clothes on in the morning. It's what she calls blissapine, the bliss of daily discipline. Learning first hand from living in the Indian Himalayas with a traditional ayurvedic shaman for 5 years, Christina is a certified Ayurvedic consultant and certified intern with Dr V Lad at Vedanta Ayurveda Institute, India. She is also an awakening womens facilitator. Christina offers Ayurvedic solutions to modern day women's health and well being, ayurveda consultations, ayurveda counselling, ayurveda doula care, living and loving relationship issues, guiding women to create daily balance, radiance and inner joy. She specialises in empowering women in creating feminine centred businesses in harmony with woman's ways. Christina is a mother of two and director and founder of internationally successful tea company Hari Har Chai. 

Connect with Christina

Three seasons of a woman - an Ayurveda persepective

A look at the importance of acknowledging the three births, three seasons of transition in a female body. Through a grounded understanding of Ayurveda principles we can meet each stage with nourishment, care and love to blossom and radiate, giving full flowers and fruit to our life as a woman. 


Hollie is a counsellor and coach  with over 20 years experience in group ritual, self development education and health coaching. ​She works with people who desire to live an authentic, ethical, sustainable life where dreams are made into reality. As an anxiety-informed movement coach and owner of Motion Ninja Academy she teaches people to find a safe and health-full place in embodiment, where there otherwise may have been negative connotations, lack of motivation or traumatic experience.

Connect with Hollie 

Motion Movement 

A wellness journey requires flexibility, adaptability and dynamic awareness, where movement can be facilitated to encourage curiosity in and for your body. Wellness happens via a series of appropriate responses to a human being’s constantly varying states of relating to the world. We call those states : Motion. Following the map of the Rhythm of Life, you're invited to participate in a supportive and functional movement experience to really anchor what it is to be in a human body, right now. A class for anyone who desires to build confidence, healthy habits and joyful, autonomy everyday. Be strong, balanced and beautiful.


Katherine Cailleach Howard is a grandmother and mother. She lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney with her beloved and many tree companions from the Old Country. Cailleach has a strong spiritual connection with her ancestry in Ireland and visits frequently to immerse herself in Ireland’s sacred landscape. She conducts a busy counselling and groupwork practice in the Blue Mountains and has worked as a mental health occupational therapist since her graduation in 1980. The name Cailleach was gifted to her on her 2nd Wilderness Solo (or Vision Quest) with the School of Shamanic Womancraft. With the Wise Woman Hag guiding her and having recently turned 60, she is re-imagining her life and work to bring forth and share her passions. Cailleach is an accredited psychodramatist and a teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft. She delights in the creativity of spirit and a solid sense of place and belonging.

Connect with Cailleach 

The Irish Celtic Wheel of the Year and the Tree Ogham 

The Irish Celtic Tree of the Year and the Tree Ogham In this workshop we will create the Wheel of the year with its’ many layers: The Sun cycle, Moon cycle, Seasonal cycle, Menstrual Cycle and Woman’s Wheel of Life Phases. We will focus on the 8 Sabbats of the Irish Celtic Wheel of the Year- beginning with the New Year at Samhain in the deepest dark (beginning of May in the Southern Hemisphere), then Yule, Imbolc, Eostar, Beltaine, Litha, Lammas and finally Mabon.. Dates and times for the current and coming Wheels will be provided. Stories of the Sabbats will be shared with some mention of Irish Goddesses. The trees of the Ogham will be invited to travel with us- as companions through a woman’s wheel of the year and a woman’s wheel of life. These trees of the Old Country will be invited to walk the wheel with us: Yew, Elder, Birch, Rowan, Hawthorn, Oak, Holly and Apple. The spirit meaning of each tree as described in the Celtic Tree Ogham will be explored and invoked. (with thanks to the work of my teachers: Glenys Livingstone, Jane Hardwicke Collings and Glennie Kindred).


Lisa is a health and wellness professional working in this field for over 20 years. Her number one value in life is health with her purpose being to help inspire and educate others to value their own health, wellness and life  as much as she values her own.  She also hopes to help create awareness around what health and wellness actually is. 
Having studied exercise physiology, nutrition and human habits and behaviour/ psychology she works on the physical emotional and spiritual body aiming to create balance and the best version of oneself. Her sessions will motivate, educate inspire and instil change in those who participate. Her energy, enthusiasm passion and zest for life together with her knowledge in this field make her a great mentor coach and presenter.

Connect with Lisa 

World Dance, Spiral of Life and Meditation

Movement to music letting go of judgement moving the body with freedom of expression and then spirallling into the eyes of others and then working deep within oneself with meditation

Physical Metaphoria

A session that explores how many physical challenges are metaphors for life, and by addressing what these obstacles are  and   how we overcome them  effects this has i our daily life and coping of challenges that present themselves.


Born in 1955 in Denman NSW, Pat spent her childhood on dairy farms, wondering the hills barefoot with her dogs. After years of working in the public service and having two children she qualified as an Herbalist in the late 1980’s. Pat has completed numerous other qualifications such as Iridology, Reflexology and clinic Hypnotherapy. She taught for over 20 years with TAFE and Outreach then later teaching Naturopaths at WEA College Manufacturing and Botany for their degree. Now Pat teaches privately from her Total Health and Education Centre in Muswellbrook, which is an active practice with other practitioners, where she also makes and sells herbal products.

Connect with Pat

Remedies from Mother Earth 

I run bush camps in spring and autumn on our bush property at Martindale and I love to share my knowledge about the plants that grow in our area. People of all ages attend and go home with a much wider appreciation of what grows around us and how they can use these plants for edible, medicinal and other uses.
At this workshop I would like to share my knowledge of local useful plants which maybe “weeds” or natives. I will show you how our first people used these plants and show you examples of some useful natives. There will also be information on how our early settlers used poultices, decoctions, liniments and baths and how we can use these plants today. So many different forms of application such as a syrup, tincture, oil, spirit, water, liniment, extract, salt, conserve, vinegar, oxymel, sugar, decoction, bath, cataplasm and powder.
We will also create a bush salve and everyone will take home a sample.


Sara-Jane Cleland is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Food Educator and Massage Therapist who works in the Southern Highlands. Her journey as a health practitioner began over 25 years ago as a Yoga teacher and organically evolved into Bodywork. She has practiced Thai Massage, Remedial Massage, Reiki and Craniosacral therapy. In 2015, she trained in Kahuna Massage - a flowing massage style which is an energetic dance between the receiver and the therapist. In 2016, she discovered 5 rhythms dance practice on retreat with Gina Chick and became a passionate advocate for conscious dance, bringing teachers to her area for workshops. In 2018 she journeyed to the Byron Bay hinterland for intensive training in Dancing Freedom and now facilitates monthly dancing freedom workshops to bring conscious dance to her community. She also offers Dancing Freedom at an annual Nurture & Nourish Women's Retreat near Milton on the south coast and plans to bring Dancing Freedom to Festivals and other community events in 2020. Her driving force is connection. Connection to the healing power of nature with a passion for food as medicine and herbal medicine. Connection to the healing power of the body through bodywork and dance. Connection to community by bringing women together for red tent circles and retreats. Connection through Dance - dancing in community, co-creating and supporting each other - being seen for your authentic self. And most importantly, providing an opportunity for connection to oneself, your loving whole being, so so worthy of self-love and creative expression.

Connect with Sara-Jane

Earth to Sky - Dancing Freedom Cosncious Dance Workshop 

Dancing Freedom is a conscious dance practice, a moving meditation practice with the intention of aligning life with love and awareness - living consciously! A free-form dance practice that blends the medicine of dance with the medicine of ceremony and co-creation. Dancing freedom takes you on a guided dance journey through an elemental wave of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether - deepening your connection to life and living. In the dance you are invited to explore an authentic way of moving - a creative expression of your unique being. There is only one rule in Dancing Freedom - you can't do it wrong! In the process of dance we can become a free flow of energy, moving into oneness, beyond the mind, personality and ego, where there is an opportunity to awaken the spirit. Conscious dance provides an opportunity to release physical tension and pain, to unwind energy which may be trapped in the body, to express held emotions or sounds, to play like a child, to connect with others in the dance, to have FUN and to remember that you LOVE to dance! A Dancing Freedom practice is created around a theme to weave the magic of awareness and intention for a transformative experience. The theme for this workshop is Earth to Sky. Earth is our foundation, earth provides for us, nourishes us, supports and hold us. Sky expands our vision, it is spacious and infinite, full of potential and possibility. As we walk on the earth connected and grounded under the big open sky - listen as they whisper - be strong, be energised and trust - explore, expand, reach for the stars....


At 21 Cara started studying architecture at university, never having completed high school. While she earned 2 degrees in architecture and focused on females creating built environments, by graduation Cara still didn't have the power to shape built environments according to her will. Although only being taught how men did so, Cara knew that women built their own houses and set out to add their achievements into the academic record. In 2018 she completed her doctorate with a thesis entitled: Women’s Home-made Houses: Sex, Gender and Self-build Housing in Australia 1970-2014.

Cara's spiritual awakening came at nine. Standing outside a church one evening, glancing toward the night sky, the stars told her she was a part of something ancient, enormous and beautiful. In 1977 she read of Gleb Botkin’s Church of Aphrodite and learned to cast astrological charts. Cara has been taught by: thea Gaia and Shakti Sprite, Starhawk and Riane Eisler. Olivia Robertson of the Fellowship of Isis confirmed her role as a Priestess and with 22 years service Cara is currently the longest serving Pagan Religious Marriage Celebrant in Australia. In 2009 she founded the Temple of Amphitriti and in 2018 opened the House of Theia.

Connect with Cara


Female Embodiment and Self Build Housing

How women develop strength, self-expression and the sacred through building.

Through her doctoral research on women’s self build housing Cara uncovered links between female embodiment and exclusion from the construction sector. She found that through building their own houses women countered expectations held broadly in their communities. Those expectations were of: of weakness, an inability to ‘know what they were talking about’ and a lack of capacity to create space that stemmed from ‘dissimilarity to god.’ Cara presents examples of the practices of female self-builders to illustrate how they negate those expectations and successfully built houses for themselves. She concludes with a further case study, the now ten year old Goddess temple, located in Geelong Australia, temple to the Goddess Amphitriti.


Dr. Nicole Gruel is a spiritual health and wealth coach, who comes from a long line of samurai. She’s on a mission to elevate the spiritual wellbeing of humanity. A near-death experience as a teenager prompted her exploration of exceptional human experiences, and she now coaches people to create fulfilling and spiritually rich lives—inside and out. Nicole has a Doctorate in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology. She's a past Board Member of IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies), Co-Founder of IANDS Sharing Groups Online, SydneyIANDS Founder & Co-Facilitator, Mentor for Life Coaches at ACISTE (American Centre for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences), Gifts Compass™ Advisor and Training Facilitator, past NSW/ACT President of the Australian Association of Psychological Type (AusAPT), certified Counsellor, and certified Life Coach with Strategic Intervention and ACISTE. She has also trained in various healing, movement, and energy psychology modalities. Nicole's books have been featured in leading Australian wellbeing magazines and she has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Her newest book, a finalist in the prestigious INDIES Award, is The Power of NOTEs: How Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences Transform The Way We Live, Love, and Lead.

Connect with Dr Nicole 

4 Keys to Optimum Spiritual Health

According to research, our spiritual health is reflected in the quality of relationships we have in four domains of wellbeing. The first is the personal domain where we have a relationship with self. The second is the communal domain where we have relationships with others. The third is the environmental domain where we connect with nature. And the fourth is the transcendental domain, where we relate to something beyond the human level. How we experience and manifest these four domains is unique to each person and influenced by our personality, life wisdom, and spiritual journey. In this session, you’ll explore your spiritual wellbeing through these four domains and get to know how your unique spiritual personality plays a role. Spiritual dimensions of our personality can be “turned on” through our transformative experiences and they can be great guides in co-creating lives that we truly love, brimming with spiritual health and wealth. We’ll also talk about the common obstacles to spiritual health and practical ways to overcome them.


Kristyn is an experienced Leadership Educator, Executive Coach and world-class Facilitator who founded People for Success to pursue her passion for developing leaders. For over a decade Kristyn has designed and delivered hundreds of transformational leadership and communication programs and personally educated over a thousand leaders, across 3 continents. She is known for her insightful, courageous and compassionate approach to developing leaders. In addition to her work with leaders Kristyn founded ‘Circles for the Sensitive’ to support sensitive folk form local gatherings to leverage their sensitive gifts to make the difference in the world they are here for.

Connect with Kristyn

Craft your Turning Point story 

"When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write the ending"

– Brene Brown.

Join our creative circle and find one of your uplifting ‘turning point’ stories. Learn how to succinctly craft it and eloquently share it so you move others with your unique insight. In the words of Dr Seuss “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Your story matters and others can learn from it.

Story Magic Circle

– Turning points

I once heard a story, that moved me in a profound way. It’s a simple story, exquisitely crafted and eloquently shared. It is a turning point in a friend’s life that helped me to change my negative assumptions of other people’s behaviours. Come, to our story magic circle and hear other wise women’s exquisitely crafted turning point stories. At least one story will gift the dose of wisdom you need at the very moment it is shared with you.


Lis Conlon has been a Sydney-based Herbal Medicine Practitioner for nearly 30 years and has loved teaching natural therapy subjects in naturopathy colleges for the past 20 years. She authored the textbook "Iridology: a Beginner's Guide” and runs supportive mentoring programs for postgraduate practitioners.


Lis was one of the first Australians to qualify as a Certified Plant Spirit Practitioner with renowned teacher and author Pam Montgomery. She is trained in shamanic practice and communication with the shamanic nature of the plant world. Lis connects with the consciousness and sentient nature of plants through deep and reciprocal relationship. This work resonates with her Celtic spiritual heritage and she finds great joy in teaching others how to develop these relationships with plant beings.


Lis has completed broad and eclectic training with a diverse variety of Transpersonal and Shamanic Practitioners over the past 10 years. This has included experiential training in ceremony, sacred song, drum journeying and connection to Mother Earth’s wisdom with Shamanic Practitioners Carmen Morales and Bastian McPhee.


Lis regularly facilitates shamanic drum journeys and immensely enjoys playing her medicine drum to guide participants into creative and intuitive meditative states. She runs drum-making workshops enriched with ceremony, meditation, drum journeying and sacred song.

Connect with Lis 

Enter the Dream World with a Beloved Plant Being

Learn how to enter a creative and nurturing ‘dream’ world with the sentient consciousness of your most loved plant being. Lis will teach you how to cross a meditative threshold into heart perception, heart entrainment and felt sensation to achieve a deeply nourishing connection with a plant spirit. In this wondrous interchange you will meet a life-long friend and teacher. The Daydream, Night Dream and Shamanic Dream will be explained, experienced and explored in this session – three valuable ways to receive personal insight from your plant guide. You will leave the workshop ready to use these techniques and practices in your everyday life to continue deepening your relationship with the plant world.



Sally has been involved with WWG since its first year when she was honoured to be a keynote speaker, which stretched, pulled, grew her as she stepped into a ‘wise woman’ role as an elder and teacher. As a wee tot, she'd spend hours making “fairy gardens” and plant medicines for her dolls. Personal experiences with the power of a natural, holistic approach to health lead her to study herbal medicine in the 1980’s. And later, after the birth of her second child (when she was age 40) studying with Dorothy Hall. Over 16 years ago she opened her own herbal medicine clinic and began helping people enjoy their lives more fully with gentle, low dose herbs; tissue salts and flower essences. In 2018 she began another chapter with online herbal teaching, via a Masterclass series about her beloved herbs. Sally is very grateful to have found these roles in life that she loves so deeply.

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Herbs, the Gentle Way : honouring the Earth, her Plants and You

Or ‘why women are such good healers and why Earth needs us to step up NOW ‘. In this Feminar you’ll learn about the art of *drop dosing with herbs; what ‘person picture’ herbs are and you’ll meet a few special herbs that illustrate these concepts beautifully. *Drop dosing involves using small doses of liquid herbs and is about the art of healing rather than the science of medicine. It involves an approach where we use our feminine skills of observation: seeing and hearing beyond the obvious. It also involves using Earth’s gifts wisely and not squandering them. Many have expressed to me the fear that we’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water. Herbal learning has become so science based that we’ve lost sight of the plants and the people we use them for. Plants are being reduced to their chemical constituents, and people to their body systems, with a ‘this herb for that’ approach. Using herbs the gentle way, brings people and plants together in a way that honours them both, and the earth from which they spring. I hope you’ll love this concept as much as I do and want to apply it in your life.


My name is Yia Alias, I am a first generation Greek Australian woman, living and working at HearthGround. I am a Ceremony Woman, a Transpersonal Counsellor/Mentor, Artist, Writer and Women’s Mystery Teacher specialising in Healing through Ritual. In my counselling/mentoring work I see myself as bearing witness and holding space for people to navigate through Life's Thresholds. Walking through the beautiful bush, sitting, talking and holding space within the embrace of nature enables people to integrate the past, heal the present and inspiration to embrace the future. My deepest learnings have been gathered from living a rich Life full of diverse experiences and from the many years of sitting in circle and bearing witness to the rich wisdom and stories of women. Dip Transpersonal Counselling Dip Mask and Traditional Healing Level 2 mem ACA.

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Bone Woman Shamanic Mystic - Consciously Evolving Elder

There's a powerful transition to navigate before menopause, its the peri menopausal passage of early Eldering. With its disruptive symptoms, it can challenge 'well' structured identities. It is akin to a shamanic dismemberment. The non essential breaks down, fracturing values and questioning belief systems. Often a health crisis will throw a woman into the shadow self where unexpressed emotions and feelings such as shame are often encountered. Without many positive, inspiring images of this next stage of Life, it can feel like a nadir/ a void from which fragments of the old are cooked up as the new identity incubates. Mapping through the life cycle supports integration allowing a new orientation to Self, making room for the Consciously evolving elder to Birth. This Self understands herself to be connected to everything in Creation. Western culture has minimised, medicalised and capitalised this initiatory threshold. I call this phase Bone Woman/Shamanic Mystic.

WWG acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which we live, work and hold the Conference. We pay respects to the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging; and recognise the strength and resilience of Aboriginal people in this land. 
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