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Meet the Vendors 

Wise Women Gathering supports businesses in our community. We believe that by putting money in the hands of people who are doing wondrous things in the world, more wondrous things can happen. 

The WWG Marketplace is an exciting hub of ethical,

beautiful, inspiring crafts people and creatives.

Vendors are invited to apply for a table at WWG. All Vendors must provide their own insurance - no exceptions. 

Vendors include women selling products and offering services. Healers and Readers welcome to apply. 

Complete the form by December 1st to be considered for our marketplace. Space is limited.


If you are accepted, you will have until January 30 to confirm your booth and secure payment.

Vendor Agreements

Plan to arrive by 9am Friday.


Thursday early-arrival is available between 2 and 6pm. No extra fee for early arrival.

The Marketplace will open at noon on Friday.  

Vendor Departure

Set-down begins on Sunday at 2pm.
We expect that vendors will complete the breakdown by 5pm.  
Vehicles will be allowed back onto Camp to pack up after 4pm on Sunday, there will be no exceptions.

Be sure to scroll down the page before completing the Vendor Application, to see our special offer for attending Authors. 

::: Vendors who are also Conference Educators :::
Conference Educators are welcome to apply for a vendor position. 
Educators at the Conference receive a discounted Presenter Ticket.  Vendor upgrade is $90. 

If you've already been accepted as an Educator/Presenter, fill out the above Vendor
application, and note in the "Additional Info" block that you are a Presenter. 

Vendor Upgrades are paid to the WWG Bank Account. You will receive these emails upon receipt of your Vendor Application Form. 

Wise Women Author Showcase 

We have an incredible tribe of creative, intelligent and inspiring women in relationship with WWG. And so many authors!

As a service to the community, the Marketplace offers a table for authors to sell their books.

It’s a prerequisite for vendors at WWG to bring their own insurance/marquee to the Marketplace and we understand that women who write books may not also be women who usually hold market stalls.

The Author Showcase table is a way for women to display and sell their creative written work, and is entirely managed by the authors themselves.

As a contributor, you are required to :
       - Agree to work the stall for 1 hour each day according to a roster
       - Provide 10 copies of your book to the stall
       - Provide 1 copy of your book for the WWG raffles
       - Enjoy selling to the WWG tribe!


A detailed log will be kept and all authors will be paid into their bank account the week following the conference.

Provisos :
    - the Author Showcase is for book products, including fiction and nonfiction,             diaries, calendars, zines and comics.
    - Vendors with another stall may also showcase on the Author table, and must         contribute hours, independent of their own stall.
    - A limit of 10 books by each author may be kept at the Author Showcase table        at any one time for space concerns - you can keep more at your cabin/tent            and refill throughout the weekend - if you have more than one book, you may        showcase them all, please be mindful of space both on and under the table -        this is shared space and all authors are permitted to the same space.
   - Books by authors who are not attending WWG may not be sold in the Author        Showcase table.
   - No advertising or marketing material, other than books, may be placed on the      Showcase table. You are welcome to put information and flyers inside the               cover of your book.


We can’t wait to see your wonderful work at Conference!

If you would like to place on the Author Showcase Table, send an email to, bring your books to WWG and see the Marketplace coordinator when you arrive.

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