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Welcome 2024
Dear Wise Women,
We are honoured to be gathering with you at the annual Wise Women Gathering. 
This letter contains information you will need to ensure a smooth and serene arrival and departure. 
You are invited to make this Conference your own. There are no compulsory activities, however this year some workshops will be taking bookings. Choose whichever sessions meet your fancy. ​As there is minimal cell reception at the venue, a paper program will be provided when you check-in. 

We request your help to keep the flow during arrival and departure steady to facilitate an easy, pleasant, experience for all. Thank you in advance for your attention to the details and requests we have outlined below. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us before 10 May, via email at
With Deep Respect
The Wise Women Gathering Weavers

If you'd like to connect before and after the Conference,
you might like to join our private platform : Self Crafted Life
This is a fully catered Conference.
You are not required to bring any food or snacks, unless you choose to.
At the venue you will find :
  • established toilet blocks with

    • warm showers

    • flushing toilets

  • drinking water in the Dining Hall

  • lost property on the stage

  • 24-hour first aid services

  • Healing Space - a co-creative space of healers offering nourishing options

  • Marketplace - various vendors selling beautiful and inspiring products

  • support, information and counselling services at the Red Tent

  • all cabins have air conditioning and power (cabin accomodation available as optional upgrade purchased with Conference Registration )


What we can not provide

  • we cannot provide cooking or fridge facilities please bring an esky if you have snacks

  • we cannot provide phone charging outlets - cell reception is minimal (Cabins do have power points

  • we cannot provide ATM or wifi for banking


Important Rules

  • No dogs or pets (service dogs are an exception)

  • No drugs or alcohol

  • No smoking near the workshop or food areas. Please pick up & bin your cigarette butts. (see note further down about smoking area)

  • Observe the specified check-in and closing times

  • Cars cannot be moved onsite between 11am on Friday and 4pm on Sunday

What to Bring 
  • tent and bedding if you have a tent camping registration 
  • linens, blanket and pillow if you have a cabin registration
    • Note : the evenings and early morning does get a little chilly ​- bring an extra blanket
  • yoga mat (for attending movement sessions)
  • drums, rattles and/or other instruments (for ceremonial times and Open Mic night)
  • flashlight or headtorch
  • insect and sun protection
  • cash for the marketplace and raffles - THERE IS NO ATM ACCESS ON SITE (some vendors will have eftpos dependant on their service carriers)
  • pen & notepad
  • water bottle

    Clothes & Packing
  • warm weather attire for daytime
  • jacket extra layer for cool nights
  • comfortable walking shoes for wandering workshops (or taking a walk to the Castle)
  • one set of clothes / swimmers that can get dirty (if you're intending to go on the Mud Run)
  • celebratory dress for evening festivities
  • swimsuit, rash shirt and towel
  • sun hat / shawl / rain jacket / umbrella 
  • towel for shower use (we recommend bringing two to ensure drying time and extra comfort)

Meals, Snacks and herbal teas are provided during the Conference. Read more here >>> 
  • Meals start at Lunch on Friday, and end with Lunch on Sunday. 
  • Women with Early Arrival Upgrade have dinner on Thursday and breakfast provided on Friday morning. 
We cannot provide refrigeration for food storage. No open food is to be stored in cabins.
There are no cooking facilities or refrigeration available.

Getting to the Venue 
Outdoor Adventure Camps 
256 Webbs Creek Road, Webbs Creek, NSW, 2775
View map here 
Please read these detailed directions, as Google Maps often takes you the long way
Take your time to enjoy the natural beauty while you slip quietly across the Hawkesbury River on one of the four ferry services. It is a brief 10 minute ferry ride, free of charge. There are four vehicular ferries running on a daily basis, so you won't wait long.
Ride-Sharing : Women are forming carpools and ride-shares
through a carpooling site:
or join our private platform where community discussions take place:
Self Crafted Life Platform

The conference check-in starts on Friday, 17 May 2024 from 6:00am to 9:00am, Welcome to Country starts at 8:30am, and Education Sessions beginning at 10:15am. Meals are included with your registration starting with Lunch on Friday.
You may only arrive on the day your registration is for. If you have purchased a Thursday Early arrival add-on, you are permitted to arrive on Thursday (2pm-8pm). If you have purchased a regular registration, you may ONLY arrive on Friday. Please read below for further details.
Adult Full Conference Registration participants arrive Friday between 6:00 am and 9:00am. If you'd like to attend the Opening Circle, please be sure to arrive in time to get settled before 8:30am. Lunch is served at 12noon and is included with your registration. The first workshop session begins at 10:15am. Accommodation is Bring-your-own tent unless you have chosen an optional upgrade for an additional price.
Thursday Early Arrival (for those who have pre-purchased an early arrival package only) Please note Dinner will be served at 5.30pm (and left out for later arrivals until 7.30pm). There will be a 7:00pm activity on Thursday evening. If you would like to participate in this, please arrive with ample time to get settled. Friday breakfast is available for those who have pre-purchased a Thursday Early Arrival Package. Thursday arrival check-in is between 2pm-8pm only. 
Pre-Conference Intensive (for those who have pre-purchased a pre-conference registration only). Workshops begin at 4.00pm on Thursday and end at 7.00pm.
We cannot accommodate late night arrivals. Please arrive in the allotted time.
Upon arrival, please stop at the check-in desk.
You will need to allow time to check-in and then set up your accommodation.
This is when we will have women available to greet you. Please honour this time frame unless you have communicated and made other arrangements.
Thursday Schedule 
2pm-8pm Early Arrival Check-in for Vollies, Educators & people who have purchased early arrival.
3pm Vollie Meeting (Checkin Tent)
4pm Pre-conference Intensive
for those who have pre-purchased a pre-conference registration
5pm Healing Practitioner & Reader Meeting (Healing space)
5.30pm Dinner
7pm Special Event (Auditorium)
Friday Schedule 
6am-9am Check-in between these times.
730-830am Breakfast for those who have pre-purchased an early arrival package
830 am Opening Circle with Welcome to Country
10am Morning Tea
1015am-1145am Education Session 1 
12noon-1pm Lunch
115pm-245pm Education Session 2 
245pm Afternoon tea 
3pm-4pm Education Session 3
4pm-530pm Siesta / Session 4
530pm-630pm Dinner
7pm-9pm Evening Event
Saturday Schedule 
730-830 am Breakfast 
830-845am Morning Announcements
9am-10am Keynote Panel
10am Morning Tea
1015am-1145am Education Session 5 
12noon-1pm Lunch
115pm-245pm Education Session 6
245pm Afternoon tea 
3pm-4pm Education Session 7 
4pm-530pm Siesta / Session 8
530pm-630pm Dinner
7pm-9pm Evening Event
Sunday Schedule 
730-830 am Breakfast 
830-845am Morning Announcements
9am-10am Speaker Panel 
10am Morning Tea
1015am-1145am Education Session 9 
12noon-1pm Lunch
115pm-245pm Education Session 10
3pm Closing Ceremony
For assistance on the way If you get lost and need help finding the camp, or if you are going to miss the slated registration window, please call 0482955340. There will be someone on-call at this number during arrival times only. We cannot accommodate late night arrivals. Mobile service is spotty at the venue, we cannot guarantee we will be able to answer, but will get back to you when possible.


Please follow directional signs as you approach the campgrounds.   

  • Vendors, RVs/campers and women with tents will be directed accordingly.
  • If you would like to have your vehicle next to your tent, you will be directed by parking coordinators to the tent camping area. You will not be permitted to move your vehicle until the close of the conference. Children will be attending the conference and for their safety, and the safety of others, we ask that you please respect this request.
Full Conference Registration includes lodging on Friday and Saturday nights.  If you need lodging Thursday night you must register and pay ahead of time for that option in addition to the Full Conference registration. We cannot change your ticket after registration closes and we may not be able to accommodate your request for a change if there is no availability left. 
Camping is bring-your-own tent and bedding.

For those who upgraded to a shared cabin - all cabin beds have a twin-sized mattress. There are enough bunk beds for 10 however, we only book 5 women per cabin. We suggest doubling up on the spare mattresses to make your bed cosy. Please bring your own pillow, linens and blankets. Bath houses and toilet blocks are close but not within the cabins themselves. We cannot change your accommodation at the conference. View pictures of the cabins on our website on the Venue Page.
Glamping is available through our selected provider, Petit Nomad. You can book your Glamp upgrade directly with Valerie here >>> Petit Nomad Glamp Booking Link <<< 

Meals and Beverages
All meals from lunch on Friday, through Sunday lunch are included with Conference Registration. Meals are made from local, natural, ethical and organic ingredients. There will be many options and most dietary preferences (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan etc.) will be accommodated. If you have identified food allergies on your registration, please visit the kitchen before getting in line to see if you need to pick up a special meal direct from the kitchen. There are no facilities for you to prepare or store your own food.

*Dinner on Thursday and Breakfast on Friday is available for those who have pre-purchased a Thursday Early Arrival Package only.

Nourishing herbal teas are available throughout the days, as well as water. Please bring your own reusable water bottle and/or hot beverage mug to refill. There will be cups for water while in the food hall however, because this is a kids camp there are no mugs available- only reusable plastic cups.

Specific programming is available for children ages 3-15, through our Kids Day Camp and Maiden Circle. Teens have the opportunity to participate in the main conference workshops. The earth-centered/herbal activities are planned according to ages, and facilitated by our great team of educators.
All children aged 3-17 must be registered with their own ticket to attend the conference.

Kids Camp have a special Orinetation at 8am on Friday. This is complusory for all parents and children who are enrolled inKids Camp (even if you've been before).
The Kids Camp will be open during the morning and after-lunch workshop sessions, so that guardians/parents can attend workshops. In the afternoon (3pm and 4pm sessions) our timetable is designed so parents/carers can bring their children to chosen activities. 
If your child is registered for The Kids camp you will receive an additional confirmation letter directly from the Kids Camp Coordinators at a later date. When the kids camp is not running your child must be under your care at all times. This is a large venue and there will be many activities around, please take care to watch your child at all times and/or ask for help if you need it. All children must be supervised by an adult at all times when entering the Dining Hall, Red Tent and Marketplace.

Bubs We are committed to holding an intergenerational conference and supporting mothers who would like to attend. Bubs in arms are welcome in all workshops. Bubs and toddlers must not be left at kids Camp under any circumstances. 
Remember, this is a community so do not be afraid to ask for help. Likewise, please offer assistance if you are able and see a mum in need.

Additional Activities 
Movement Classes and other morning activities are offered Saturday and Sunday morning - If you plan to participate it's usually more comfortable with a yoga mat, blanket or large towel if you feel you need these items to participate. However, they are not necessary.

A Nurturing Space, the Red Tent, is available as a comforting resting place. This is a place to relax, meditate, visit and/or just be.
A Special Event will be given Friday night.

Open Mic Wear something festive as we celebrate ourselves and enjoy an Open Mic night on Saturday night. A sign-up sheet will be available at the conference if you wish to take to the stage. You are invited to bring frame drums if you have them.

Swimming in Webbs Creek is permitted. Adults will be responsible for monitoring any accompanying children and teens at all times. Please remain clothed at all times. We acknowledge the variety of cultural backgrounds and beliefs of women attending and wish to respect them all. In previous years we have been visited by a stinging fish who lives in the sand. This fish, recognisable to all Eastern coastlines and inlets is very painful if it stings you. Water shoes are recommended.  

Be Aware
Please be aware that like any outdoor location there will be insects and creepy crawlies at the camp. Please be prepared to check for ticks each night and to bring the things you will need if you get a tick bite.
If you develop any symptoms such as a rash or fever please visit the wellness centre (first aid) for support. The wellness centre will be staffed and have many of the herbal/first aid supplies that you might need.
Snakes are a reality of Australian natural environments. The venue advises that all attendees wear shoes for your own safety. 

Electronics use
From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in herbal Wise Woman traditions. So that all of us can enjoy this experience free from the interruptions of phone calls and distraction from texts, tweets, and emails, we ask that the use of mobile devices be limited throughout the conference. You will be asked to silence and turn off the vibration on your device (e.g. airplane mode) when you arrive.  Of course you can use your phone as a clock. Please be punctual to workshops to help keep the flow of things and to respect the educator who has carefully planned her workshop for you in time available.
We record our Educators and events.
Please do not voice record or video sessions without seeking permission from the educator and WWG staff.
We encourage you to record snippets and take photos of yourself to share on socials and with friends. Our photographer and videographer will also be moving through the Conference throughout the weekend. There is an opt out form at checkin if you do not want your image published. 

Normally the venue is a smoke free event BUT there will be an allocated smoking area the near dam and parking area, away from the event, for you to duck away.
Fragrance-free Request
Many attending the conference are sensitive to perfume, bug sprays and other personal care products with fragrances and/or made using essential oils. Please leave heavily scented products at home and bring/use unscented products at the conference. If you must use such products, please do not apply indoors or in shared spaces. Thank you dearly for your cooperation, it makes a huge difference.

Marketplace, Reading Tent & Healing Space 
The Marketplace, Reading Tent and Healing Spaces are open throughout the weekend. The Market will consist of vendors providing handmade and specialty items, that are relevant to the theme and integrity of the conference. Be sure to bring enough funds for shopping. Support your local herbalists and natural health communities.
The Healing Space is a co-cooperative space for practitioners to offer treatments. The Reading Tent is a shared space for professional readers and oracles to offer services to attendees of the Conference. Visit the booking area to get a consultation.

We love the marketplace and are so happy to have a place for women to share their wares, services and resources!

The marketplace space is specifically set up for registered vendors or sponsors to share resources, services and products. Since we have this space, we ask that women refrain from solicitations outside of the marketplace. When teaching, performing and/or simply walking around camp, our goal is that everyone feels comfortable and is not concerned that someone is going to market a service and/or ask for contributions for a cause, product or event. These things should only happen in the marketplace and/or by the conference organisers for informational/conference related activities. If you have questions or concerns prior to or during the conference about this, please contact us at or onsite please bring your concerns directly to one of the core organisers.

Women-Only Space
While we absolutely love and cherish the men in our lives, we are creating a space just for women at this conference. Women have historically spent time together creating a nurturing space to heal, share and learn. We trust that well-nourished women contribute to well-nourished communities.

If any child needs to be exchanged with a male parent or other care giver not registered at the conference we ask this to take place in the parking lot. Only those registered for the conference are permitted on the camp grounds. Men are asked to meet-up with their families outside of the campground area.

There will be some male staff from the venue providing support behind the scenes. They will remain in the background and minimise interactions with us. They are the only males allowed at the camp during the conference. Please be kind to them and know they are there supporting this women’s space.

Departure is on Sunday. It is wise to pack your belongings early in the day and if time permits to take them to your vehicle for ease of departure. If you need physical assistance transporting your belongings please let us know. The closing ceremony begins at 3pm. You may choose to leave at any time if you have a long journey before you. If you choose to leave early and your vehicle is in the campground area, please ask an organiser for assistance directing your vehicle out for the safety of all, especially children.
For the safety of all, we ask those who choose to park in the camping area to not move your vehicle until after the closing ceremony. If you need to leave early, please check-in with an organiser to make arrangements.

Invite a Friend! Conference Registration is open until mid May. Our best form of promotion is grass roots, from the heart sharing that occurs between friends. If you’d like to help share WWG, feel free to put a post on social media or tell your friends.

If you need more information please contact us at
We look forward to gathering with you and spending the weekend
immersed in the Wise Woman Tradition
Please note this is a NUT-FREE venue.
The facility is a kids camp and is nut-free to ensure all children can attend camp. There are women and children joining us with severe nut allergies. Please, do not bring nuts. If you do have nuts, please leave them in your vehicle and do not touch them until you are off of the campground. Seeds are ok. We thank you dearly for your cooperation.
With ever changing conditions, we are committed to keeping you safe while still enjoying a wonder-full event this year. 
We are working with the venue to ensure COVID Safety Plans are up to date at all times.
Find out more from the venue here
Find our current Covid Policy here

Returning in 2025? 


Get a discount ticket to Wise Women Gathering 2024


As a reward for the women who attend year after year, we offer special onsite prices to those who attend. These are the cheapest possible tickets you can get and are never offered on our website.


2025 Tickets

$430 Full Fee – Only 35 tickets available


Secure yours at the WWG Stall in the Marketplace

cash only

Next Conference : May 16th, 2025

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