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Children at WWG

Wise Women Gathering is a professional conference for practitioners and lay women.


At the same time, we are committed to providing intergenerational spaces for families to learn and use the Wise Traditions, particularly for women who would not be able to attend without children. 

Babes in arms are welcome at the Conference, and may attend education sessions with mother. Babes may eat meals from mother's plate. 

Children aged 3+ must be registered in Kids Camp, where facilitators care for them while mothers are attending the education sessions. Girls of all ages are welcome at the Conference. Boys may attend Kids Camp up to the age of 10. Our Men's Gathering welcomes 11yo boys with a carer/father.  

When not attending Kids Camp, children must be supervised at all times. In particular children must not enter these spaces without a carer : 

  • the river

  • marketplace

  • healing space

  • readers tent 

  • workshop spaces 

  • auditorium / dining area

  • toilets / amenities

  • the dirt road between grassy area and auditorium 

  • outside at all times

Upon arrival, parents/carers will be required to sign an agreement form to demonstrate understanding of the rules applicable to children who attend the Conference.

Please note below some ways we attempt to support mamas at the Conference.

Kids Camp Open Morning 

  • Facilitators will be in Camp from 8am-8:20 on Friday to get to know your child and allow them to become comfortable with the space, before returning for the first session at 8:45am, after the Opening Ceremony.  

Meal times 

  • a vollie will be available to assist mamas who are juggling babes and food plates. 

Keynote Speeches 

  • an airconditioned childcare space is available upstairs, with adult and teen babysitters. Please bring an activity to keep your child occupied through this time.

Open Mic Night 

  • children are timetabled on the stage with their camp-group first thing, so they may go to bed early. Children must not be unsupervised outdoors at any time. 


Our strict rules for children on site have come about due to concerns from both attendees, marketplace vendors and OAC staff. It is important that all members of our community observe equally respectful space and support.

Parents who do not honour these regulations will not be welcome back. 

WWC Policy

Working With Children Policy

WWG provides child care during Education Sessions and Keynote Speeches. 

All children attending WWG between the age of 3 and 15 must be registered for Kids Camp or Maiden’s Circle.


Please note, outside of scheduled sessions, children must be supervised by parents. Children are not allowed in the eating area / auditorium without supervision AT ALL TIMES


The ratio model for Kids Camp is : 

Age 3-6 : 1 adult : 4 children 

Age 7-10 : 1 adult to 6 children 

Age 11-14 : 1 adult to 12 girls 


Girls age 15-17 may choose to attend Maidens Circle or attend Educator Sessions without supervision.


Working With Children at WWG 

All staff and volunteers working in childcare roles have been vetted via Working With Children Numbers and where necessary, professional qualifications. 

All supervisory staff have current first aid certification. 


Toilets & Amenities

When a child in care needs to use the toilet, an adult will accompany a group to the wet area. There must be two or more children with an adult to toilet visits. Adults are never alone with a single child in toilet areas. 



All swimming must occur under parental/primary carer supervision. 

Kids Camp may take children to the river only at low tide. Only paddling. 


Incidents and injuries

All incidents must be reported to WWG management and the child’s primary carer as soon as possible. 


If adult misconduct is suspected it is the responsibility of any volunteer or paid carer to report concerns to the WWG management team immediately. 


The WWG Working With Children Policy is a framework for providing safe and nourishing space for families attending the Conference. This policy is subject to change without notice. Changes to the policy will be updated on this webpage :

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Your information is not shared in ANY way with anyone. We will never share your emails with anyone, as your trust in us is sacred and we assume the highest responsibility for such.


Cancellation Policy

There are many expenses associated with putting on this conference. If you have booked a ticket, and an unforeseen event prevents you from attending the conference we cannot guarantee that you will have 100% of your registration fee returned. However we will make every effort to return as much as possible to you.
If you need to cancel your registration the following guidelines will pertain:
Fees are fully refundable with a processing fee of $50 until January 10th, and 50% refundable until April 1.  After April 1, there will be no refunds.
Registration can be transferred at any time to a woman of your choice.

Gender Policy

Gender Policy

The Wise Women Gathering is a conference rooted in women's culture- not sexuality or sexual orientation of any sort. Many of the workshops will cover women-specific health matters as well as, workshops focused on women's wellbeing outside of the physical dimensions. Other workshops address different levels of herbalism and holistic living.


We welcome all women, those who identify as women, women young and old, women of diverse sexualities, women of all cultural and religious backgrounds and women with all abilities.

Beyond discussing women's health challenges and how to address them naturally, the overall energy that is woven and supported at this event is one of inclusivity. Children attend this event and we do our best to model for them and others non-judgement, compassion, vulnerability, community, empathy and joy. With hope more community events will also bring people together to foster such values and help to make this country less divisive.


Why is this a women-only conference?

In ancient times it was common for women to gather, for support, for celebration, for knowledge-sharing, for ceremony etc. Our modern lives have isolated us and we have forgotten many of the Wise Women Ways. This conference endeavors to preserve these ancient ways.

What about men? 

We also run a Men's conference, concurrently with WWG. Get more info at 


With Deep Gratitude,

The Wise Women Gathering Weaving Council

Covid Policy


Wise Gatherings is committed to keeping you safe and well throughout our time together.

With Covid obligations changing all the time, we promise to : 

  • exclude attendees who are unwell from the event

  • keep a manual record of all attendees

  • record attendees and provide information to an authorised officer if requested 

  • provide a clean venue and appropriate sanitisation products where necessary  

  • ask that anyone who has tested positive for Covid19 in the past 7 days stays home, and does not attend if they have symptoms

  • invite anyone who feels more comfortable in a mask to wear one, anywhere, anytime

We acknowledge the differing views and needs of individuals who attend our events. 


We ask that all attendees : 

  • respect the laws and legislations of NSW/Australia

  • respect Wise Gatherings' obligations under law

  • respect the differing views and values of other attendees 

  • let us know after the event if you test positive in the 2-3 days following (Monday-Wednesday)


Wise Gatherings, our staff and educators acknowledge we are in a time like no other. We will do as much as we can to support everyone through this event, and ask all attendees to do the same. 

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