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Many magnanimous hands have collaborated, from the heart, on the need for a Wise Women conference here in Australia. Herbalists, midwives, naturopaths, plant whisperers, natural-living advocates, mothers, crones, shamanic teachers, artists, medical professionals and medicine women have all helped to shape this important gathering.

Meet the Weaving Council

Hollie B.

Coordinating Weaver

Hollie B. is a therapist and coach who lives in a bus at the base of the Budawang Mountains. Outside of WWG, she can be found running the Braidwood Holistic Therapies Wellness Facility, holding space at the Institute for Self Crafting, co-hosting the Self Crafted Wellness Radio Show and working in her garden. She is a passionate mum, an awesome wife and is most comfortable walking the edges of culture. 

Yia Alias

Beauty Weaver

Yia is our Holder for Beauty, both physically and of the heart and soul. She coordinates the Red Tent at WWG and the Counselling team. In other times, she is the Keeper at Hearthground. 

Sally Kingsford-Smith

Social Media Weaver

Sally was one of our first Keynote Speakers at the inaugural Wise Women Gathering in 2017. Her  love and support has truly helped to make the conference what it is today. She joyfully keeps our Instagram followers up-to-date with the latest news for the WWG. Sally is a Naturopathic Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner in Sydney. She’s now embracing the role of teaching as well and is happiest when she’s combining her love of people and plants either as a practitioner or as an educator.

Jo Dormer

Healing Space & Glamp Inn Weaver

Jo is the humble co-ordinator of our Healing Space AND the Glamp Inn residences of WWG. In 2018 Jo offered Lomi lomi Massage from a basic gazebo, and this year has expanded the Space to manage a team of body workers & healers throughout the Conference. Jo's beautiful Bell Tents are kitted as luxury accommodations, with beautifully decorated tents and super-comfy beds - but you have to be quick to get your own glamp-inn tent, they sell out before every year. 

Braidwood Weavers

Weaving the many threads

The Braidwood Weavers are the WWG organisational management crew, handling everything from making lanyards, to rostering volunteers; from setup at the Conference to advisory consultation; from visual design to cleaning. The team's made up of 3x Hollie's sistar-besties and her mum (Ange, Monica, Catherine & Julie).   

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We Honour those Who Walked

the Path Before Us

We give thanks to the brave and creative women who hold space for the Wise Women Conferences in America and across the world. Their efforts have largely been the inspiration for the Wise Women Gathering here in Australia. Thank you to the Southeast Wise Women, Midwest Women's Herbal Conference and the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference. Together, we are weaving a strong web of empowered women!

Stephanie Zetah

She Who Came Before

Steph created and held the visual representation of WWG from it's birth until mid 2018. We honour Steph for her dedication to our Gathering, and wish her all is the best at the ever changing New Story Farm.

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