Preconference Workshops

2022 Preconference Workshops

Preconference Sessions are intimate workshops held on Thursday evening (4.00-7.00pm), before the official Conference begins.

Arrive early and enjoy a bonus presentation from

one of Australia's leading Educators.


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Preconference Package includes 

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  • Your choice of Intensive Workshop on Thursday evening (4.00-7.00pm)

Learn with some of Australia's most respected educators 


Us As Our Ancestors : Connecting deeper into ourselves through them

I’ve grown up as a First Nations woman of this Country, in a household with a black father and a white mother. It wasn’t until around 8yrs ago that I finally asked my mother about her side of my family, and now, I’m finally coming into balance with all parts of myself. 

I am a United Nations within this body, I carry 7 nations, Original of Australia, Irish, Alsatian, German, English, Scottish and Viking, I also carry several tribal Bloodlines from Australia. Could you imagine the war that’s been inside me throughout my lifetime? I think of myself (like many of us), as WOMB, Womyn Of Mixed Bloodlines. 

In this workshop We will take a journey of clearing the ghosts of our history through our family lines, standing in our present with our Ancestors and then stepping forward, walking into our future with their support, and carrying the greatest of their gifts and characteristics. 

Our journey will be supported by some of my activation artworks, titled Healing Thru The Female & Male Lineages, and Coming Together, as well as some meditation, cleansing exercises and sound. 

I look forward to us sharing this journey together and walking forward together in strength, to do what’s needed for Mother Earth and all who are upon her. 


Warami I’m Boorroo.
I’m a Walbunja Wawarrawarri woman from the East Coast, I’m also a Mother and Grandmother.

I have 20yrs in Community Services, Juvenile Justice, Mediation, Disability & Carers, Aboriginal Circle Sentencing & Cell Support.
For the last 17yrs I have dedicated myself to the Spiritual, from Psychic Mediumship work to Energy and Entity Clearings, Business & House Blessings, Spirit Investigation Medium & Ghost Tours at QStation, to Energy & Sound Healings and Massage- both locally and around this Country.
I am also and Artist and have recently included Activation Art into my Dillybag of Healing Tools.
I have been a part of many Circles & Ceremonies, both Indigenous & non-indigenous, as my Heart & Soul is for Healing, for Mother Earth , Family and Community.

I was born with many of my gifts, but also hold Knowledge & Wisdom that has been handed down through the generations of my Ancient Ancestors, I am a Spirit & Medicine Woman with a deep Connection to Country & my Ancestors.


Sacred Power, Wild Presence

Come and experience how the wild calls you home into a deeper belonging. Nature is always engaging us in ongoing conversations, through the body, senses and emotions. Explore how the spirit of the land calls you to awaken your vibrant aliveness. In this dynamic and experiential workshop, embody your sacred power with the spirit of eagle, through moving meditation, story and journey work. Merging with the elements of earth and air, you will reveal and embrace more of your creative potential and shapeshift old habitual stress patterns. By accessing the mythopoetic realms of the Other World, experience a wilder communion and live in greater kinship with nature.

Jacqui Bushell

Jacqui Bushell has been loving the wild abundance of the earth for much of her life. Founder of the Sacred Presence School of Embodied Wisdom and creator of the Magdalene Oils of Anointing, she is an inspiring teacher, storyteller, transformational healing practitioner, Reiki teacher and plant spirit alchemist.

For 30 years, Jacqui has been facilitating women’s circles, workshops, training programs and retreats around the world, to enhance a deep sense of belonging through reconnecting with nature and the sacred feminine. Jacqui inspires people to live passionately and creatively, in communion with the earth, spirit and their soul wisdom.


Absolutely Vulvalicious

Let Laura-Doe take you on an entertaining and informative romp through the awesome yet poorly understood hot spots of vulva anatomy… and beyond. Discover how our glorious bodies are naturally designed to experience pleasure and why it is so important to fully understand our pleasure capacity. We will use the yOniversity’s sumptuous, anatomically accurate Vulvalicious® cushions and a walk through pelvis installation to support your deeper understanding of the elegant design of our amazing arousal orchestra.

We are sadly undereducated about the amazing structures that create pleasure and arousal in the vulva owner’s body. In an attempt to profit from a ‘cure’ pharmaceutical companies have introduced a ‘disease’ called female sexual dysfunction. For many of us, accurate information about the very different ways arousal happens in bodies of different genders is all that is missing. You will learn how to take responsibility for your own pleasure and why it is in your best interests to do so. The more we understand our unique erotic makeup, the better chance we have of negotiating a satisfying and empowering intimate life.

The workshop involves no nudity.

Laura Doe

Laura-Doe is an award-winning somatic sex educator, comedienne and singer/songwriter. She works internationally using humour, song and science to support people to connect with the wisdom and pleasure within their own bodies and to discover their unique erotic nature.

In childhood she discovered some of the delicious natural pleasures that our bodies are capable of. Curious to learn more, as an adult, she sought out teachers of sexuality across many traditions and disciplines. She studied and trained with David Deida, Barbara Carellas, Joseph Kramer, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Margot Anand and others. Gaining professional qualifications in Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education and Counselling she is now a member of several professional associations: the SSEAA in Australasia, the ASCSB and the UK association ASIS.

In 2008 Laura-Doe founded The yOniversity and has presented the workshops in her yOniversity curriculum in Australia, Bali, USA and the UK. In order to educate about sexual anatomy in people with vulvas, effectively and without embarrassment, she created The Vulvalicious Cushions, beautiful anatomically accurate fabric sculptures. These cushions are used in yOniversity workshops, in various sexology practitioner trainings and by educators and ‘vulvalationaries’ all over the world.

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These workshops start Thursday promptly, at 4pm and end at 7pm.


Healing Through the Female Lineage (above) and Healing Through the Male Lineage (below) will be supporting Boorroo's Workshop