Preconference Workshops      

2022 Preconference Workshops

Preconference Sessions are intimate workshops held on Thursday evening (4.00-7.00pm), before the official Conference begins.

Arrive early and enjoy a bonus presentation from

one of Australia's leading Educators.


Purchase a $70 upgrade Preconference Package when you register your ticket.


Preconference Package includes 

  • Early arrival on Thursday (from 2pm)

  • Friday breakfast

  • Your choice of Intensive Workshop on Thursday evening (4.00-7.00pm)

Learn with some of Australia's most respected educators 


Sacred Power,

Wild Presence

with Jacqui Bushell

Come and experience how the wild calls you home into a deeper belonging.  Nature is always engaging us in ongoing conversations, through the body, senses and emotions. Explore how the spirit of the land calls you to awaken your vibrant aliveness.  In this dynamic and experiential workshop, embody your sacred power with the spirit of eagle, through moving meditation, story and journey work. Merging with the elements of earth and air, you will reveal and embrace more of your creative potential and shapeshift old habitual stress patterns. By accessing the mythopoetic realms of the Other World, experience a wilder communion and live in greater kinship with nature.


Something Vulvalicious :
with Laura Doe



Tending to Womb Loss
Jane Hardwicke Collings

Every pregnancy results in a birth, whatever ends the pregnancy is the birth and needs to be honoured. This includes terminations, miscarriage, unsuccessful embryo transfers, late pregnancy loss and still birth.

We will honour our losses, craft poppets to hold our memories and do what women must do - be together in a safe circle and hold space for grief..

To attend a Preconference Workshop, choose the Preconference Package Optional Upgrade when you purchase your ticket.  

These workshops start Thursday promptly, at 4pm and end at 7pm.