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All educators at Wise Women Gathering are professionals working in the fields of :

  • Plant Wisdom

  • Holistic Health

  • Women's Mysteries

  • Community


As such, educators are required to hold their own professional indemnity insurance, to have their own website and be able to produce a 750+ word article or professional standard lecture on their topic or presentation.  

Education Sessions maybe 60 or 90 minutes long and must start and end promptly. Some educators will be invited to present the same session twice over the weekend, with a further ticket discount. This is in response to participants' requests to have more opportunities to attend sessions.

Sessions must fit into one of four class styles :

  • Feminar : Like a seminar, but for women. This is a lecture-style session, and will be held where there is seating for your audience and access to whiteboards.​

  • Queen Class : Like a Masterclass but for women who are wise. This is a teaching class for such subjects as medicinal manufacturing, producing, cooking etc. Queen Class sessions will be held where there is a fully functioning kitchen. Educators will have access to a Whiteboard, the kitchen, a table to work from and fresh water, stove top etc. A refrigerator is supplied for educators who need to store items for their class.

  • Sacred Space :  for ritual, ceremony and sessions that require privacy. Sacred Space sessions are held in a closed-wall tent. This space is appropriate for sessions that require some form of deep personal/emotional sharing, nudity or sacred theatre. Educators have access to a Whiteboard and seating for participants.

  • CreateHer : for interactive sessions inviting attendees to participate in creative modalities, dance and movement, and anything else requiring extra space. CreateHer sessions will be held in an outdoor tent with shade and ample space.

As an Educator you receive a Full Conference Registration : $380 : includes all meals and snacks and early arrival on Thursday. You also receive long term marketing opportunities with your bio and links on our website, our marketing material, Social Media and the ongoing Self Crafted Life Platform. 

We offer shared accommodation as an option for educators, consisting of multiple bunk beds in shared rooms. You must bring your own sheets, blankets and pillow. This is a first come, first served option. Otherwise, camping is available for those with tents. Individual Cabin/Glamping upgrades are also welcome.

You may bring an Attendant to help you at the Conference. Your attendant will have the role of liaising with Vollies, helping you set up your Session space, caring for your children if necessary. Cost for Attendant is $400.

Educator Applications close December 1st. 

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